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You want to stand out. With a beautifully designed website, custom domain name and search engine optimization we make it easy to be found and make an impact.


How Will Torch's Web Design Ignite Your Campaign?

Increase Visibility

When potential voters want to learn about candidates, a lot of them rely on the internet for research. But what happens when they look online to get information on the upcoming mayoral race but only find you competitor? 

With a custom domain name and search engine optimization, Torch makes sure your website shows up when voters are deciding who to vote for. 


Sure, you could send a long sting of emails and texts to volunteers or campaign supporters about upcoming events... but wouldn't it be easier to have all of your campaign information in one place?

With the Torch Marketing Website Program:

  • Manage events and sell tickets from your website

  • Link your campaign schedule to your website

  • Share campaign news

  • Sign up volunteers and supporters

Collect Donations

Not many people will want to dust off their checkbook to mail a donation to your campaign. But offering a quick, secure and simple way to donate online will make it easy for both small and large donors to propel your campaign to the front of the field.

What can you expect with Torch's Website Packages?

Mobile Optimization

Your campaign needs to be where your voters are: online and mobile-friendly.

What We Do

Mobile optimized for all phone types

Quick action buttons to drive action

Mobile UI and UX design to ensure simplicity on mobile

Search Engine Optimization

A website is only effective if voters can find it - so we offer SEO with all website packages.

What We Do

Get found in Google Search Results

SEO built to give insight before even visiting your site

Increase organic website traffic

Data Analytics

Understand the who, what, why and where of voters on your website.

What We Do

Website and cross-platform data analytics

Easy to interpret data reports

View your data in real time, no waiting for a report

Ignite your campaign now with a Torch Marketing Website Package

Torch Marketing Solutions will continue adding new features to our websites, so your campaign can stay one step ahead.