The Simple Guide to Starting a Campaign Facebook Page

So you've decided to run for office and now you need a way to tell people about your campaign. One of the best ways to keep your supporters and prospective voters up to date on your campaign is with a Facebook Page. In this post we'll cover what a Facebook Page is and how to set one up quickly and easily!

Facebook Account: This is a personal account on Facebook. Everyone who joins Facebook will have a Facebook Account, and you can only have one Facebook Account under your name.

Facebook Page: A political account that is used specifically for your campaign. If you are an elected official, you much have a separate elected official page and campaign page. Having a campaign Facebook Page rather than a campaign Facebook Account is important for several reasons. First, it violates Facebook's terms of service to have a Facebook Account that represents a campaign. A Facebook Page is also specifically designed to give users access to data and advanced features that help your campaign organize events, communicate more effectively with supporters, and keep your content separate from your personal account (where you may be interacting with family and friends).

How to create a Facebook Page

Step 1

Create a Facebook Account at (if you don't have one already).

Step 2


Step 3

Click "Get Started" under "Community or Public Figure"

Step 4

Write your campaign name in the "Page Name" section (for me, I'd write "Elect Nick Braughton" or "Vote for Nick Braughton"). Avoid using the office you are running for in your page name, because in the future the name may become invalid if you run for a different position in the future.

Step 5

Write "Political Candidate" under "Category," then click "Continue."

Step 6

Click the blue "Upload a Profile Picture" button and upload a professional campaign photo. This picture will be seen by everyone who visits your Facebook Page and will help put a face to the name.

Step 7

Click the blue "Upload a Cover Photo" and upload a wide photo that will go at the top of your Facebook Page. This could be a picture of your campaign sign, or a custom designed Facebook Cover from

Step 8

Welcome to your page! Now it's time to customize your page so voters can find more information about you.

Below your Facebook Page Name under your Profile Picture, click "Create Page @Username" and enter your Facebook Page Name. For me, that would be "@ElectNickBraughton" then click "Create Username"

Step 9

Under your profile picture, click "About" and update the information to match your campaign information. Make sure you keep this up to date so voters can reach out to you or learn more about what you're running for and background information. Don't forget to add your website!

Step 10

Lastly, be sure to update your Issues Page. To do this, click on "Issues" under your profile picture, click the "Add Issues" button, then select a few issues that are relevant in your campaign. It's a good idea to only select issues that you hope to address in your campaign rather than every issue. For example, while you may support increased defense spending - there is not much you can do about that if you get elected Mayor of your town - but you can make your town more affordable by supporting fiscally conservative policies.

And that's it, your campaign is now officially on Facebook! Always make sure you keep your Facebook Page up to date so voters visiting your page can always access the latest information. It's important to remember your Facebook Page doesn't delete after an election - you should always be working to grow your audience for reelection or the next time you run!

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